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From the Head of
Knox Sports Academy Mr Chuck Ardron

Last week-end saw the Baseballers continue their season as well as the Athletic Challenge for over 120 students on Knox 1! Congratulations to the Junior Baseballers on their win and the 1sts for their continued efforts in the local competition. Good luck to both teams for the rest of their games this year.» Read More

To all those students involved in the challenge, I firstly thank you for being involved and hope that you enjoyed the challenges that were provided and look forward to the continuation and development of this programme in 2016. In this week’s Bulletin you will find the opportunities that the KSA will provide in the holidays and I encourage all students who are not away to take up the opportunity that these provide

A big thank you to the Cricket Support group and our cricket staff led by Mr Simon Cusden on last week’s function which was well supported by over 150 students. All those involved had a fantastic afternoon at Gillespie and enjoyed themselves.

Finally, I thank you all for a great year in Sport remembering that Sport is not only about the winning but in how we play, how we learn and the enjoyment that we get and I hope that you have all been able to achieve these goals this year. From all Coaching staff and everyone in the KSA have a safe and Merry Christmas and enjoy the break.

Quote of the Week

'Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.'
Dr Seuss

Cricket BBQ


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Concluding Sports Programs

The following are the finishing dates for our Prep sports programs:
» Read More

Football Skills programs
The prep football clinics conclude as of Friday 4 December.

Cricket Holiday Camp

Boys and girls aged 7 to 16 are invited to participate in a Cricket Clinic from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 December from 9am to 1pm. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More

Fast 4 Tennis Holiday Tournament - Y6-10

Students in Years 6 to 10 are invited to participate in a tennis tournament from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 December. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More

K-2 Red Ball Tennis Holiday Tournament

K-2 students are invited to participate in a tennis tournament on Thursday 10 December from 8.30am to 10.30am. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More


CIS/All Schools Triathlon

Students wishing to be involved in the CIS/All Schools Triathlon in 2016, please note the following.

The major change is in the individual events, with five events being held in 2016. » Read More

1.Junior Championship - 12-14 yrs
   400 m SWIM    10 Km CYCLE    3 Km RUN

2. Intermediate Championship - 15-16 yrs (DRAFT LEGAL)
   600 m SWIM    15 Km CYCLE    4 Km RUN

3. Senior Championship - 17-19 yrs (DRAFT LEGAL)
   750 m SWIM    20 Km CYCLE    5 Km RUN

4. Intermediate Participation – 15-16 yrs
   400 m SWIM    10 Km CYCLE    3 Km RUN

5. Senior Participation – 17-19 yrs
   400 m SWIM    10 Km CYCLE    3 Km RUN

Students that wish to compete in either the Intermediate or Senior Championship must have a current Draft Legal Accreditation to race in these events.

If students are interested in gaining their Draft Legal Accreditation the attached document offers a Draft Legal Endorsement Course that will be conducted by accredited coaches endorsed by Triathlon Australia during January and February.  Please also refer to the CIS website.

Legal Endorsement Course Legal Endorsement Course (1386 KB)


Term 4 2015 Blazer Colours Submission 
All 2015 Colours will be advertised on Monday 30 November 2015. » Read More

All year groups 9-11 can submit the Blazers for Colour Award embroidery at the end of Term 4 and they will be done over the school break.

Blazers MUST be worn until the last day of term or last day of attendance and can be handed in from Friday 4 December after Speech Day or between Monday 7 December and  Wednesday 9 December from 9am until 5pm only. Any Blazers submitted after this time will not be accepted.

As there will be a large number of blazers submitted, to avoid long queues after Speech Day, we have arranged the following:
  • Staff from the Uniform Shop will be in the foyer of the Lawson Centre between 12.45-1.30pm Monday-Thursday of the last week of term to complete paperwork. 
  • Parents may of course, still drop off blazers after Speech day or between Monday 7 and Wednesday 9 December from 9am until 5pm.
  • When dropping off at the Uniform Shop after Speech Day the students need to collect the paperwork from the folder and put in the top pocket and hang up on the rail outside. 
  • All Blazers must be visibly named, pockets emptied & badges removed. Any repair work must be requested at the time of the paperwork being completed.
  • Copies of certificates of the latest Colours awarded will be available in the Knox Uniform Shop (KUS) and with the Uniform shop staff in the Lawson Centre in the last week of term.  
  • For Colours from previous terms/years each student/parent MUST complete the form downloaded from the Portal with photocopies of supporting documentation i.e. school reports or certificates.  A photocopy of the documentation must be provided. 
  • Due to volume it is the responsibility of the student/parent to obtain the certificates or supporting documentation from the Headmaster's Report or the Grammarian. KUS will not be able to assist students in finding this supporting documentation for past Colours.  
  • Collection will be available from 9am on Friday 22 January 2016 at the KUS.


Cricket BBQ
The end of term Cricket BBQ was held on Thursday 26 November. Over 170 boys from both the Senior and Prep Schools shared food and played games under the enthusiastic and watchful eyes of our excellent coaches.

Ex Knox boy and baggy green holder, Matt Nicholson, was the guest of honour. Offering coaching during the games, stories of his Australian call up and some pearls of wisdom, Matt was a highlight as boys became inspired on their own quest for the Baggy Green. » Read More

Over the past month our boys have been raising funds through the sale of raffle tickets. With outstanding prizes at to win, including corporate boxes at the New Year’s Test Match, the final figure raised was near $7000 for the buying of two new bowling machines. 
Thank you to everyone that attended and lent a hand to make this wonderful event come about. 

Cricket Holiday Camp

Boys and girls aged 7 to 16 are invited to participate in a Cricket Clinic from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 December from 9am to 1pm. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More

Fast 4 Tennis Holiday Tournament - Y6-10

Students in Years 6 to 10 are invited to participate in a tennis tournament from Monday 7 to Wednesday 9 December. For more information, download the flyer below. » Read More

Holiday Happenings

The Athletic Development Centre (Weights Room), Squash Courts and Gym floor will be open from 8am to 12 noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Monday 7 December to Wednesday 27 January.

However, please note the Lawson Centre, Gym floor and Squash courts will not be available on Monday 7 December as they are in use for the ABBOX camp. These facilities will be closed from Monday 21 December to Sunday 3 January.

For Aquatics and specific information on Swimming and Waterpolo opportunities, please check the Portal.


Sport Wet Weather Information

Wet Weather Information
Prep: 9901 7982
Senior: 9901 7701
Website: » Read More

Sport fixtures are advertised on the fixture schedule on the Knox Portal.

These fixtures can change due to many factors and changes after 3pm on Fridays due to wet weather, cancellations or forfeits will be advertised on the sports info website and wet weather number. 

A mini website has been created for Prep and Senior School students and parents to get the latest sport wet weather information via their smartphone. Please visit and bookmark

Boarder Travel to Sport

Any boarder who needs assistance with travel arrangements to each Saturdays sport should check with their coach to assist in arranging transport. » Read More

Where this has not been successful then students should check with their housemaster to assist with arrangements.

Knox Dog Policy - New Policy for Parents

To improve safety of the students and visitors to the school, we are moving to a No Dogs Allowed policy. It is unlawful for dogs (Companion Animal Act 1998), leashed or unleashed, to be on school grounds, unless they are assistance dogs, security patrol dogs or police dogs. » Read More

Dogs may no longer be brought onto any Knox Grammar School property, including the Prep and Senior School campuses and all playing fields, including Curagul and Gillespie Fields.

New signage will be installed over the coming weeks reflecting this change in policy. Our Security Team has been asked to let parents and carers know that we are moving to a dog free school.  If you bring a dog onto school property, you may be approached by the School’s Security Team and asked to leave. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this safety initiative.


Any student attending any Knox sporting fixture and/or venue must be properly attired in either track suit or school uniform.


It is school policy that we recommend all students wear mouthguards for training and games for AFL, Football and Rugby. » Read More

Coaches have been asked to check that students have them as training will be modified if they do not have them.  

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