knox grammar school

Behind the Logo

Innovation wrapped in tradition


The infinity loop symbolises a focus on continuous improvement and iteration in innovation, and can be applied to the School’s strategic goals in maintaining a culture of innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the entire Knox community.

The symbol also represents the long-standing history, legacy, values, traditions and achievements of Knox Grammar School, as well as its commitment to excellence, perseverance and resilience. Using the infinity loop symbol in the School’s centenary logo is a powerful way to showcase Knox’s ongoing commitment to educating future generations.


The Knox Grammar School centenary logo is a fitting tribute to the School’s past, present and future; a school highly respected globally for innovation, altruism and a commitment to student and teacher excellence and wellbeing.

The centenary logo celebrates the School’s rich tradition and heritage by incorporating a symbol of Scottish culture: the silhouette of a piper. The piper, with his traditional kilt and bagpipes, represents the School’s historical ties to Scotland. In 1939, Knox Grammar School’s Headmaster William Bryden’s Scottish wife, Muriel, suggested the formation of a Pipe Band. The silhouette design adds a modern look and feel to the logo while still honouring the School’s roots. To symbolise our dedication to innovation, the piper is looking towards the future. The combination of tradition and innovation in the logo reflects the School’s unique approach to education, which embraces both the past and the future.

Contribute to the Heritage Centre

Leave your mark and continue the legacy by donating memorabilia and photographs to the School. Email for more info.