10 tips for great exam preparation


Are you studying for the HSC or half yearly examinations? Read 10 tips for great exam preparation from the Head of the Knox Senior Academy, Mr Andrew Weeding.
  1. Organise your work area – a tidy work area will decrease distractions and help you focus on the task at hand. Every time you sit down to study, start by tidying your work area. A clear desk will mean a clear mind. If possible make your work area a location that is not your bedroom.
  2. Exercise – make the time to exercise every day. Keeping up a regular exercise routine is an essential part of staying mentally alert and fresh. Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that positively enhance our mood, reduce anxiety and help us to build new knowledge. 
  3. Revise your notes – the process of refining and revising your notes (by hand) is a great way to consolidate your knowledge and identify where you need to improve.  
  4. Act on feedback – review the feedback you’ve received on past assessments and exams. Work on your weaknesses and knowledge gaps. 
  5. Sleep – being well rested is so important for great study and exam performance. Extra time spent studying when you are fatigued will be far better spent resting.   
  6. Plan your study routine – take the time to plan when you will study. Write a plan and stick to it. Make the plan visible so others can help you stick to it.
  7. Work on your handwriting – poor handwriting can have a huge impact on your exam results. Messy or illegible handwriting can make it difficult for the marker, sometimes seriously impacting upon assessment and exam marks. Strengthen your hand muscles using a stress ball or playdough and practise writing essays by hand. 
  8. Have a balance – maintain a balance between work and play. It’s essential that you take the time to switch off from study and socialise with friends and family. 
  9. Plan your diet – as with exercise, our diet can have a big impact upon our wellbeing and mental fitness. Eat well and save the junk food for after your exams. 
  10. Study with friends – while individual, quiet study is an essential part of exam preparation, working with a group of friends should be part of your study plan. Share notes, test each other and collaborate. The ability to explain and teach a concept to someone else is a great way to consolidate your knowledge and identify if there’s something you don’t understand.