Meet Callum, 11, creative prodigy and Renaissance boy


Originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald, 26 August 2018

Callum Macgown, 11, is something of a Renaissance boy.

He writes, paints, dances (contemporary lyrical), plays instruments (saxophone, bagpipes, teaching himself piano), acts (stage and screen) and loves sport (AFL, horse riding).

But he doesn't just dabble. Last Friday, he won his third gold award in the NSW Education Standards Authority's Write On competition. Last year, he reached the finals in the Young Archies art awards.

This year, he is a finalist in the Northern Beaches Art Prize. And on Wednesday, he has a callback for a part in a new feature film. "He loves it all," said his mother, Clare Macgown. "He's at that lovely time of life where everything is possible, and why not?"

For his 11th birthday in June, Callum, who is in year five at Knox Grammar Prep, wanted two things; an acting agent, and a ticket to the Sydney Dance Company's performance of Ab Intra, a dance exploring 'intense human existence'.