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OKGA First Honouring Service

In 1993 the OKGA, in conjunction with the School, held the first OKGA Honouring Service. This small and moving event was held in front of the OKGA War Memorial. The next-of-kin of Old Boys who had lost their lives in service of their country, presented Ceremonial Swords and Drums to officers of the Cadet Unit.

By 1995, the service moved to Knox 1 Oval and included a small parade. This important service is now fittingly held as part of the School’s Remembrance Day Commemoration and Ceremonial items are presented to the Cadet Unit and the Pipes and Drums.

The OKG’s who were honoured in this first ceremony are listed below. This website will include their biographies in the World War II Roll of Honour section.

J P Adam (OKG33) Ceremonial Sword

D F Bickford (OKG41) Ceremonial Drum

T M Clark (OKG34) Ceremonial Sword

C E W Clifford (OKG35) Ceremonial Drum

R H Collis (OKG39) Ceremonial Sword

J G Hendry (OKG30) Ceremonial Sword

A P B Hordern (OKG36) Ceremonial Drum

D G King (OKG36) Ceremonial Drum

E F C Norrie (OKG36) Ceremonial Sword

R C Potoff (OKG64) Ceremonial Sword

J J Read (OKG35) Ceremonial Sword

J M Riley (OKG32) Ceremonial Sword

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