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The Senior School mural

The Senior School Mural in the Breezeway is the work of renowned French muralist Hugues Sineux. It was designed in collaboration with the Heritage Centre and our challenge was to incorporate significant moments that would capture the imagination of current students and Old Knox Grammarians alike.

The mural, which was completed in 2020, aims to encourage engagement with the School’s history; to create a beautiful gallery of our story; and to introduce students to the merits of public art. The painting of the mural took nine weeks.

The Knox story begins with the Indigenous land on which the School stands, represented by sandstone in which the totems of the 2020 Indigenous students have been etched.

Students and visitors are introduced to the School’s founders and benefactors and to our first Headmaster. The four pillars represent the principles of Total Fitness; Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Academic. The Knox Values are boldly displayed. The mural celebrates the heritage, history and traditions of the School and it is hoped it will stand the test of time.

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Contribute to the Heritage Centre

Leave your mark and continue the legacy by donating memorabilia and photographs to the School. Email for more info.