Knox 'Buy a Bale' Drought Appeal


While many of us live in Sydney which has plentiful water and rainfall, 99% of rural NSW is in drought.

The situation is dire and rural communities need our support.

Since Knox's earliest days, the school has had a close connection to rural Australia - the majority of our 210 boarders come from rural NSW.

We warmly invite the wider Knox Grammar School community to make a contribution to our Rural Aid Australia 'Buy a Bale' Appeal.

Rural Aid supports rural communities suffering drought, fire and flood. It provides assistance to individuals and communities as a whole.

$20 will buy a small bale of hay. $100 will buy a large bale (which will feed one cow for a week).

Together, we hope to raise enough funds to deliver a whole truckload of feed to communities in need.

Please help us help those in need by giving whatever you can using via our Everyday Hero page.