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Knox Cricket: instilling life lessons

Foundation sport: Knox v Barker at Gillespie Field in Warrawee in 1956

Our Knox Cricket stories will bowl you over as we celebrate a century of Knox students on the pitch. The Knox Heritage Centre and Bruce Wood OAM (OKG74) spoke with eight Knox Cricket personalities from the 1950s to the present day to capture their stories and memories. The interviewees fielded questions about their introduction to the game, persons of influence, their achievements and experiences, and where their cricket journey has taken them.

Knox cricketers Trystan Kennedy (OKG22), Michael Kelynack (OKG85) and Dan Donaldson (OKG10).

One consistent theme among these Old Boys are the friendships and life lessons collected along the way.

Dan Donaldson (OKG10) says for him, spending Saturday mornings playing Cricket with cork balls created fond memories of his time at Knox.

Representing the School in the 1st XI and 2nd XI, as well as in each top-tier year group team from his early Prep years, Dan also was a member of the CAS 1st and returned to the School to coach.

“Everyone just played for enjoyment. It was the balance between competitiveness and opportunity, I absolutely loved it,” he says.

“We had a steady group of boys that I moved up the year groups with and often played club cricket and sometimes Rep Cricket with them as well…

“The great thing about playing Opens cricket is that you can build that rapport with people younger and older than you… I’ve developed some lifelong friendships with teammates and their families as well.”

Michael Kelynack (OKG85) says cricket teaches “good life lessons” and allows players to flourish socially and emotionally. From his early years of Knox Cricket playing in the 11A team, to his final years in the top teams, the former Knox Prep teacher (1994-2008) and OKGA President (2009-2011) is philosophical about the personal growth that comes from participation.

“Enjoy other people’s success,” Mick says.

“If you can enjoy your friends getting runs or wickets it's just as enjoyable. If you don't get the runs and get a bit down, I think you're missing the point; your time will come."

“Cricket's one of those games where you can get 100 one week and a duck the next week. Enjoy the good times and be grateful, I think that's the lesson of cricket to me. It can take you around the world and [make] friendship groups and things like that.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Trystan Kennedy (OKG22), a member of the Pathways for Elite Athletes at Knox (PEAK) program and 1st XI player between 2019-2022.

Trystan represented Knox in the CAS 1st team, NSW CIS team and NSW Schoolboys U15s team and in 2023 played County Cricket in the Leicestershire 2nd XI.

He says an open mind is key to success in the sport.

“I think what most young players need to try and do is give everything a go,” he says.

“That's what I try to do. No matter what my coach is telling me – to do this, do that – I always try it out. I always have an open mind to trying new things and always looking to get better, obviously.”

These interviews were conducted by the Knox Heritage Centre, and Bruce Wood OAM (OKG74) as part of the School's Oral History program.

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