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Knox wins its first Track and Field Associated Championships

Knox won its first Track and Field Associated Championships in 1929. Interestingly this championship was also the very first Athletics competition held by the Association and Knox’s first Associated Championship victory in any sport. The Championship Cup was provided by Knox founder Andrew Reid.

The team captain was T McKinney (OKG30) and Master in Charge A J Nixon. The Associated Schools’ sports meeting was held at the Sydney Cricket Ground on 19 October 1929. Knox had a resounding win with 120 points, Barker College was second with 60 points and Trinity Grammar and St Aloysius’ College followed. The first Knox Track and Field Colours were awarded to T McKinney (OKG30), G Crapp (OKG30), R Savage (OKG29), G Kenway (OKG29), J R Adam (OKG30), J P Adam (OKG33), M Arnott (OKG29).

The Headmaster proudly noted that Knox had “trained as a team and ran as a team”. At the time, Ian Ferguson (OKG32) (dec'd) recalled the Headmaster remarking at Assembly that: “our Athletic team, like Alexander the Great, will now look for new worlds to conquer!”

By the end of 2023, Knox had won 29 Track and Field Championships. Knox currently holds 17 records. The oldest record is from 1991 for the 16 Years 100m hurdles by Christopher Shute (OKG93).

Knox won the Andrew Reid Cup for eight consecutive years from 1966 to 1973 and has won the Cup more than any other School. Waverley is its closest rival with 25 wins.

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