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St Giles' Bible

The 1935 King James Holy Bible was a gift of Mr and Mrs Laurie, the parents of five sons who attended the School. It was dedicated at St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh in a ceremony on 18 September 1954.

It should be noted that John Knox, whom the School is named after, had been a Minister of St Giles’.

It is highly likely that the Bible was used for readings at assemblies in the John Williams Hall until the William McIlrath War Memorial Chapel was opened.

Three pages following the inscription bear the signatures of School Captains from 1924 to 1994. Signatures prior to 1954 were perhaps collected as part of the School’s Jubilee Celebrations in 1994. Signatures from 1932, 1935, 1942 and 1971 are missing.

The St Giles’ Bible is now displayed in a wooden display case in the Chapel’s vestibule.

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