Strategic Direction

The Strategic Direction 2023-2027 identifies four areas of focus: Students’ Experiences, Staff, Community and Stewardship.

These areas provide insight as to how Knox intends to move towards the future with courage, and is a framework for the development of plans that will be reported annually to our community. This ensures we can be flexible and adapt to unforeseen needs and challenges, continuing to take advantage of the best research for the shaping of our priorities.

As we approach our centenary in 2024, we reflect on our duty to ensure educational excellence within the context of our time. Knox has always demonstrated great capacity to respond to its evolving local and global context. Our Mission, Vision and Values anchor our community, whilst our Guiding Principles support the contemporary enactment of these foundations. As we look to the next five years, we can be confident that the constancy and agility woven through our distinguished 100-year history will continue to inspire and sustain our future aspirations.

Innovation wrapped in tradition encapsulates the idea of blending originality and creativity together with our rich heritage and traditions. Together, we have the energy, commitment, talent and resources to ensure we will build on our strengths and create new opportunities.