The School's vision is expressed in our strategic plan, which is based on the premise that excellence comes when each boy achieves his best in both the curricular and co-curricular environments. The School believes this goal can best be realised within a supportive and stimulating educational environment that includes state-of-the-art education facilities and resources.

The vision focuses on enabling boys to achieve success through a broad-based education that:

  • Emphasises the development of Christian character and leadership.
  • Provides diversity of experiences.
  • Achieves outstanding academic results.
  • Strengthens the international orientation of its educational programs.
  • Pursues excellence and requires involvement in wide-ranging and adaptive sporting programs.
  • Fosters creativity and participation in the arts.
  • Provides class sizes, facilities and an environment that support outstanding education.

Our aspirational goals

Our goals are to be an exemplary school which:

  1. Provides innovative and the highest quality educational opportunities for its boys
  2. Supports the wellbeing of its students, staff and parents with best practice structures and programs
  3. Has a truly global perspective; engaging its students, staff and parents with other world cultures
  4. Provides facilities and resources of world class standard
  5. Is considered a most desirable ‘Employer of Choice’ in the market place as a result of the work conditions, professional development and career opportunities offered by the School
  6. Contributes to the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Uniting Church
  7. Contributes to the national and international debate on educational matters impacting on young people

Mission Statement

Knox Grammar School seeks to be an exemplary School developing, within a caring Christian environment young men of integrity, wisdom, compassion and faith, men with a sure knowledge of who they are and how they should live.

Our Aims

As one of Australia's leading independent schools, Knox Grammar values its strong heritage, its close relationship with parents and the local community and exceptionally high educational standards. Underpinning these values is a deep and lasting commitment to our students' future. At Knox, we are committed to a comprehensive range of strategies to create conditions to empower boys to achieve during their time at Knox:

  • Providing an exciting, challenging and enriching curriculum through which boys pursue critical thinking and problem solving in a variety of contexts.
  • Maintaining high expectations of our boys through a clearly defined set of standards, adding to the tone and character of the School and its members.
  • Creating a breadth of opportunity for individuals and groups so all boys gain from a well-rounded education. Fostering a student culture in which boys readily accept responsibility and value the service of others, enabled by a diversity of leadership experiences.
  • Preparing boys who engage with their peers, contribute to their community and take their place in the world.
  • Developing accomplished, well-resourced and inspirational staff, committed to the boys under their care and imbued with a strong ethos of service, professional learning and responsibility.
  • Maintaining the outstanding facilities required to support the high quality education of every boy.

Our Values

Faith, Wisdom, Integrity and Compassion

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