Quality teaching is the key to our students’ success. We employ highly skilled and innovative teachers who are passionate about learning. Teachers work in teams to critically review each other’s lessons and identify opportunities for change and innovation.

We are currently working on two special Quality Teaching projects:

  • AIS Quality Teaching Project - we have received a $150,000 grant from the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) to transform our current Quality Teaching program to be connected to the quality design and delivery of the curriculum and the student academic, engagement and wellbeing outcomes. Our critical friend for the project is the CEO of Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Professor Geoff Masters
  • ELEVATE - Knox has been invited to join the AIS ELEVATE 'community of practice project' that is focused on lifting the results of the top 30 per cent of high potential learners in our schools. This project will lead to an enhancement and enrichment of our current da Vinci program, and provide evidence, ideas and resources for our teachers to further improve their ability to extend and support all of our students.

Our Professional Learning program includes:

  • Collaboration - teachers from each subject area (Senior) meet four times per term to enhance their teaching practice and pedagogical content knowledge, share ideas and resources, and support high quality teaching and learning for all students.
  • Management of teaching performance - based on AITSL's Teacher Performance and Development Framework (Prep and Senior).
  • Lesson observation - every Knox teacher (Prep and Senior) has several lessons observed and critiqued through the year. Filming is also used as a tool for teachers to reflect on their own teaching practice.
  • Student surveys - student feedback helps teachers understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their teaching practice (Prep and Senior).
  • Accreditation support - professional support for new teachers undertaking processes of accreditation and for experienced teachers undertaking higher levels of formal accreditation (Prep and Senior).
  • Parent engagement – Knox parents are integral members of our school community. When we work together we can make a difference in each boy’s educational outcomes. 
  • Special guests - visits by special guest teachers and lecturers (Prep and Senior).
For more information about Quality Teaching at Knox, please contact Karen Yager, Head of Student and Teacher Excellence.

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