Our Vision, Mission and Values


Knox Grammar School seeks to be an exemplary School, developing, within a caring Christian environment, students of Faith, Wisdom, Integrity, Compassion and Courage, with a sure knowledge of who they are and how they should live.


We are committed to being a leading school; highly respected globally for innovation, altruism and a commitment to student and teacher excellence and wellbeing.


Knox Grammar values its strong traditions and heritage, its close relationship with parents and the local and global community, and exceptionally high educational standards. Underpinning these values is a deep and lasting commitment to preparing each student for their future beyond Knox. To ensure that this is achieved, we have a commitment to knowing the stories of our students and teachers.


At Knox, we are committed to:

  • Supporting the spiritual growth of each student through Uniting Church faith and leadership
  • Developing within each student their self-identity and wellbeing by providing a rich diversity of cultural, sporting, academic and service learning experiences so they can explore their passions
  • Providing an exciting, challenging and enriching curriculum through which students develop creative, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills in a variety of contexts
  • Fostering a culture of serving others and making a difference to the lives of others through social justice
  • Developing accomplished, well-resourced and inspirational staff, committed to the students under their care and imbued with a strong ethos of service, professional learning and responsibility
  • Creating a safe, caring and inclusive environment that supports an outstanding education for all students
  • Maintaining and developing outstanding facilities required to support a high quality education
  • Fostering close, authentic relationships with our parents and the wider community
  • Developing key partnerships with alumni, business communities and universities to enrich the education of our students and staff


  • Faith - Belief and trust in God and the strengths He gives us
  • Wisdom - Seeking understanding and insight beyond the evident
  • Integrity - Having strong ethics and a true moral compass
  • Compassion - Kindness, care and respect for self and others
  • Courage - Strength in the face of adversity and standing strong for what is right