Communication and Support


Our aim is to provide flexible, open communication between the School, parents and boys.

We want boys to have as much of a 'home experience' as possible and we'd like parents to be able to share their son’s school academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal experiences as much as possible.


The Boarder Parents' Supporters Group aims to foster friendship between boarder families and to enhance the boarding experience for both the parents and students. It recognises that boarders come from many contexts and localities and celebrates this diversity through regular events and functions. All Knox boarder families are automatically members of the Boarder Parents' Supporters Group and are welcome to attend any of their meetings and participate in any activity, function or event run by the group.

The Boarder Parents' Supporters Group meets once a term, usually at the start or end of term, when it is likely that more parents can attend. In partnership with the Knox Parents' Association, the group also provides equipment such as furniture or entertainment items to enhance the lives of all boarders.