Knox Prep facilities

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Ewan House Year 6 Centre

Ewan House is the 1896 homestead of the Toohey family. In 2012 we completed a major renovation of the building and transformed it into a contemporary centre with multimedia facilities, classrooms and flexible break-out spaces for Year 6 students.

Maker Space

Located in Ewan House, our Maker Space boasts a green screen for filming, robotics and much more.

K-2 Centre

Opened in 2004, the K-2 Centre was purpose-built to meet the learning needs of young boys. It features large areas of common space for group work and the use of glass and colour to provide bright and vibrant learning environments.

Year 3-5 Centre

Located adjacent to Ireland Oval, our Year 3-5 Centre contains classrooms. The centre also contains a modern Visual Arts Room, Science Lab and the Prep Auditorium, which were all renovated in 2014.

Prep Auditorium

Our auditorium is used for assemblies, meetings and music and drama performance. This space was renovated in 2014.

Sports fields

The Prep campus has two large sports fields which are used by the boys at recess and lunchtime and for sports training and games. Prep boys also train and play sport at Gillespie Field at Warrawee and use facilities such as the aquatic centre at the Senior School.

Tennis and baskeball courts

Four courts which can be used for tennis and basketball are located at the Prep School. Additional courts are also located at the Senior School.

Prep School Reception

The ground floor of Ewan House contains the Prep School Reception, the office of the Head of the Prep School, the sick bay and Ewan Hall, which is used for functions.


We have two specialist libraries, a K-2 Literary Centre and a Senior Library (Years 3-6) located on- site at the Prep which cater to the specific learning and literary needs of each age group.

Before and After School Care Centre

The Prep School has a dedicated Before and After School Care Centre which opens at 7am and closes at 6.30pm. Boys are provided with breakfast and afternoon tea.

Knox Prep Oval and Gillespie Buildings upgrade

The School is undertaking an upgrade of the Oval and Gillespie Building at its Knox Prep campus, commencing in October 2021. These documents provide further details about the projects, in accordance with approval of the project.

Decision Statement - Gillespie Building

Decision Statement - Oval Building

Review of Environmental Factors - Gillespie Building

Review of Environmental Factors - Oval Building