Pathways for Elite Athletes at Knox (PEAK)

Our PEAK program has been designed to support and assist high performing student-athletes considering a career in elite sport to achieve excellence in their chosen sport, while achieving their best academically.


Students who are part of the PEAK Program are supported through initiatives including:

  • Individual mentoring – personalised one-on-one mentoring by Knox high performance coaches with international and elite domestic level playing and coaching experience.
  • Specialised support – including the development of Individual Performance Plan (IPP) tailored to the student’s individual needs and the demands of their sport. This includes support with goal-setting, external program and pathway benchmarking and support with overall wellbeing.
  • Keynote speakers – Subject matter experts will speak to students a number of times each term on topics including academic, physical, personal development and social-emotional wellbeing
  • Workshops – regular small-group workshops to further enhance each student-athlete’s skills and learning capabilities.


Applications for the PEAK program are open to students currently attending or planning to attend the School, who have demonstrated potential for a career in professional sport, representation Australia at the Commonwealth, Olympic or Paralympic Games or a sport scholarship at a tertiary institution (both domestic and international.)

To be eligible for PEAK, students need to have been selected in state teams or won state championships in higher-participation sports (Tier 1) or been selected in national teams or medalled at national championships for lower participation sports (Tier 2). Places are strictly limited, with applications twice a year. All applications are assessed against specific eligibility criteria. For more information, please see the PEAK flyer.


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Meet our student athletes

Branden Tse, Year 9

Branden Tse, Year 9

How did you first get involved in archery and what do you love about archery?

I got involved in my sport when my optometrist commented that I have very good vision and told my parents to let me try shooting sports. I started with archery and fell in love with it. What I love about my sport is that it helps me to learn to focus on and to repeat what I do well. I get to make friends from all different archery clubs in Australia and overseas.

What has been your best sporting achievement to date?

My best sporting achievement has been being selected for the Australian team and competing in Auckland, New Zealand in the Trans Tasman Archery Championship, where I won one individual gold and two team silvers. I have also attained a total of 15 records for the state and Australian records.

What is your career ambition with archery?

Ultimately I hope to be able to participate in the Youth Olympics and then compete for Australia in the 2024 and 2028 Olympics.

What has been your biggest learning from the PEAK program?

Learning about nutrition, what food I should be eating and which foods I can eat after and before a competition. I learnt about what I can do to rest and relax and the importance of improving my sleep. Overall, PEAK has taught me that I need to achieve balance in my sport and academics.

Joseph Hamson, Year 12

Joseph Hamson, Year 12

How did you first get involved in your sport and what do you love about your sport now?
I got involved in swimming as my three older siblings swam and, instead of waiting for them to train, I joined in. There are many things I love about swimming, but the main things are the friendships/bonds you make with others, having goals and aspirations.

What has been your best/recent sporting achievements?
Personally, my best achievement in swimming was in 2019 winning the 16 years boys 100m freestyle at the Australian Age Swimming Championships. A recent sporting achievement was being selected to compete at the 2020 Jr Pan Pacific Games for Australia in the 100m freestyle and 100m butterfly.

What are your career ambitions for your sport?
My career ambitions are to represent and to compete for Australia at the Olympics.

How has the PEAK program supported you in managing your sports, co-curricular and academics?
PEAK (Pathways for Elite Athletes at Knox) has assisted me in managing my academics by providing me with talks based around time management and organisation skills. PEAK athletes also complete a daily form about how we are feeling both physically and mentally. If I am unable to handle my school or homework, the School will organise with me to see an Old Boy or academic mentor to assist me.

Jack Hildebrand, Year 12

Jack Hildebrand, Year 12

How did you first get involved in your sport and what do you love about your sport now?
Getting involved in Sailing, being quite an out-there sport, was primarily due to my Dad being a sailor. He had many connections with high level sailors which made it very easy to get fully immersed into the sport.

As of late, my Sailing is becoming the most prominent part of my life. I love it that way, sailing an Olympic Class boat (now a 49er) is enabling me to get closer to my goals of the Olympics, while being incredibly fun and exhilarating all the time.

What are your career ambitions for your sport?
With sailing an Olympic boat, my aspirations are to be selected for the Australian team to go to the Olympics and compete with the aim of winning. However many Olympics it takes to reach this goal, I look forward to it.

How has the PEAK program supported you in managing your sports and academics?
PEAK has been a very helpful tool in giving me information on what good habits/techniques are for studying, but more evident are the habits outside of studying that improve your mindset and mindfulness. This has helped me significantly.