Student Leadership


Student leadership and emotional growth are a strong focus at Knox. Our students have many opportunities to attain leadership roles during their time at the School.

Our Senior School Student Leadership model is based on the 'Social Change Model of Leadership Development' (Astin, 1994). This model is founded in collaboration and seeks to promote positive social change.

Our portfolio-based prefect and leadership structures provide all students from Years 7 to 12 with opportunities to develop their leadership skills in specific areas of personal interest or challenge.

Portfolio Leadership Teams

The flagship student leadership program at Knox is the Portfolio Leadership Teams (PLTs). There are nine PLTs – Academic, Boarding, Co-Curricular, Community, Faith & Spirituality, House, Social Justice, Sport and Wellbeing – with each Portfolio comprises a Head Prefect, supporting Prefects and other opt-in Student Leaders from Years 8-12.

Macpherson Mates Peer Support Program

The Macpherson Mates Peer Support Program runs concurrently to the PLTs where selected Years 10 and 11 students work with Years 7 and 8 students respectively over a two-year period. The Years 10 and 11 students support the younger boys with the Positive Education Mentor Program, camps and in building connections.