Quality Teaching


Quality teaching is the key to our students’ success.

We employ highly skilled and innovative teachers who are passionate about learning. One of our strategic intents is to advance the performance of all our staff in a supportive and collaborative learning environment enabling them to flourish as professionals for the benefit of our students.

About our approach

We are committed to supporting our teachers to continually strive to improve their teaching practice and content knowledge.

To achieve this aim, we have invested energy and capital into an innovative approach to professional learning. We have fostered a transparent, collaborative and supportive culture where teacher observations, action research projects, and celebrating successes are integral to what we do as educators.

Learning and Research Teams

A hallmark of our innovative approach has been the formation of Learning and Research Teams in each faculty in the senior school and across the preparatory schools. In these teams, the teachers develop strategic and targeted interventions or new approaches that are informed by evidence. The teachers evaluate the impact of their strategies and invite students to share their feedback about what is happening in the classroom. The teams are supported by Directors of Professional Learning in the senior and preparatory schools.

Our Professional Learning program includes:

  • Collaboration - teachers work in small teams using the 'action research model', meet regularly to plan strategic interventions, enhance their teaching practice and subject content knowledge, share ideas and resources, and support high quality teaching and learning for all students.
  • Management of teaching performance - based on AITSL's Teacher Performance and Development Framework
  • Lesson observation - Classroom observation develops a culture of ongoing professional growth and collaboration that results in improved practice and student learning outcomes. Every Knox teacher (Prep and Senior) has several lessons observed, filmed and critiqued through the year. Classroom observations are linked to the teacher’s Personal Professional Development Plan and The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers that describe the knowledge, skills and understanding expected of competent and effective teachers.
  • Student/teacher perception surveys - student feedback helps teachers understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their teaching practice (Prep and Senior).
  • Accreditation support - professional support for new teachers undertaking processes of accreditation and for experienced teachers undertaking higher levels of formal accreditation (Prep and Senior).
  • Parent engagement – Knox parents are integral members of our school community. When we work together we can make a difference in each child's educational outcomes.
  • Targeted NESA endorsed professional learning - available for all staff.

Key Initiatives:

  • Research Institute for Innovation and Professional Learning (RiiPL) - Our vision is to become a leading provider of endorsed professional learning nationally and globally. We are partnering with cross-sectoral schools to share professional learning opportunities and learn from each other. We have instigated a research partnership with the University of Newcastle, with several Knox staff understanding a Masters or Doctorate. Additionally, the University provides support in up-skilling staff in the use of data analytics.
  • Innovation Hub: Our mission is for Knox to be known globally for innovation, altruism and a commitment to student teacher excellence and wellbeing. In 2019, we will be launching our Innovation Hub that will be a collaborative partnership between the school, community, universities and industry. The Hub will focus on innovative and engaging educational practices and opportunities that will enable our students to face the world with courage and confidence.
  • Aspiring leadership program: The NESA endorsed Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to support K-12 teachers at Knox who are aspiring to become a leader to understand the challenges of leadership and support them to have the confidence and courage to apply for leadership positions. The participants will have the opportunity to shadow leaders in our RiiPL partner schools.

For more information about Quality Teaching at Knox, please contact Matt Robertson, Head of Professional Learning, or Karen Yager, Deputy Headmaster of Student and Teacher Excellence K-12.