All School fees and other charges are due and payable at the time specified on the rendered account unless other arrangements are agreed with the School.


Application Fee (to be sent with application)$400 (inclusive of GST)
Enrolment Fee$2,750
Entrance Fee (two years prior to commencement) $2,400

Payment Plans

The School offers a monthly and fortnightly payment plan for the payment of fees for all students, except those students charged at the Overseas Students Tuition rate.

Pay by Payment Plan 2024 Information Document

For any payment plan enquiries, please emailaccountant@knox.nsw.edu.au.


The School strongly recommends that every family at Knox takes out Private Health Insurance with full Private Health cover, as the cost of medical expenses to parents for accidents can be substantial, especially sports injuries.

The School provides Student Accident Insurance for all students, whilst they are participating in a school organised and endorsed activity, within Australia. This is designed primarily to help with permanent injuries of a serious nature, such as quadriplegia, paraplegia or loss of a limb. As most injuries are not of a permanent nature, this insurance is limited, as the law does not permit coverage of medical expenses otherwise covered by Medicare, or beyond the scheduled fee.

For school organised and endorsed overseas trips, the School arranges travel and medical coverage for students and staff via an alternate insurance policy.


  • Parents must use their Medicare and Private Health before submitting a claim via the school insurance.
  • Once parents have followed the medical expense claims process then the claim forms along with the medical practitioner’s statement must be completed.

Chubb SPA Claims Process

SPA medical practitioner’s statement

Student Accident Claim Form

  • The School must endorse each claim by signing a declaration. Therefore, all claims must be submitted to Tracey Sutton at suttont@knox.nsw.edu.au.
  • Please do not submit your claim direct to Chubb or AON.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Tracey Sutton at suttont@knox.nsw.edu.au.