Why choose Knox?

We know that all parents want to provide the very best preparation for a successful life for their sons.

To realise these goals you need a school that first and foremost, through its dedicated teachers, outstanding facilities, and innovative programs, strives to achieve the best academic results possible for each and every student.

However, you also want an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom walls. At Knox your son will have the opportunity to develop his own special abilities and talents and to discover new experiences whether it is in musical, cultural or sporting activities or outdoor or overseas adventures.

Knox realises that while academic excellence must always come first, the boys who are the most involved in the broader aspects of school life tend to also be the ones who succeed at the highest academic levels.

You can be confident that choosing Knox Grammar School is the right choice for your son and by doing so you are giving him a chance to be… the best he can be.

We invite you to visit and see what outstanding opportunities Knox has to offer your son. Please contact our Head of Enrolments, Martin Gooding, on +61 2 9473 9768, watch our videos or join a school tour.

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