Anzac Day Parade
Anzac Day Parade
Cadet Camp, 'Annual Field Exercise'
Cadet Camp, 'Annual Field Exercise'
Cadet Camp, 'Annual Field Exercise'
Cadet Camp, 'Annual Field Exercise'
Cadet Camp, 'Annual Field Exercise'

In Term 4 of Year 8, all Knox boys join the Cadet Unit and must complete at least one year of training. Most boys opt to stay in the Cadet Unit after this first compulsory year. Girls from Ravenswood have the choice to join in Year 8, with an increasing number of girls taking up the opportunity every year.

About our Cadet Program

The 950-strong Cadet Unit has been as important part of life at Knox since its establishment in 1929 (just five years after the School was established).

>> Video from our 2015 Anzac Parade and Service

This Cadet Unit goes beyond the provisions of outdoor recreation, fun and leadership. It is a crucible in which the traditions and heritage of the Schools are distilled and perpetuated. Our Cadet program forms a distinctive and essential part of the character and ethos of the School in assisting to make each Knox boy a well-rounded person.

Key programs

  • Annual Field Exercise - Our annual camp which runs over eight days in the bush
  • Promotion courses - Trains all participants in the essentials of leadership, management and risk assessment
  • Ceremonial Parades - Two ceremonial parades to commemorate the Anzacs and the 'Old Guard'
  • CAS Drill Competition - Knox competes annually for the prestigious title of ‘CAS Drill Champions’
  • Friday training - Training takes places every Friday during term time. Cadets learn core skills in preparation for field exercise and ceremonial occasions.

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