2016 HSC results

Knox boys have achieved outstanding results in the 2016 Higher School Certificate. Congratulations to the students, staff and parents on the efforts that have gone into these results.

Results at a glance

  • Knox Grammar School ranked 28th out of approx 650 schools (Sydney Morning Herald ranking, 15 December 2016)
  • One boy with the 'perfect score' (ATAR of 99.95) - Jackson Chen
  • Approximately 105 boys with ATARs of 90+
  • 22 boys with an ATAR of 99+
  • 502 Band 6 results (90+)
  • 26 boys placed on the All Rounders Achiever’s List for achieving 90 or higher in their best ten units

Top Achiever’s List

Eight Knox students placed in the Top Achiever’s List (place in course):

  • Timothy de Solom - 3rd in Music Extension
  • Nicholas Lane - 9th in Mathematics General 2
  • Seyoon Ragavan - 9th in Mathematics Extension 2
  • Seyoon Ragavan - 9th Software Design and Development
  • Arran Thatcher - 15th in Business Studies

Encore (Music)

  • Joshua Cannon (viola) - nominated
  • Jonathan Cornford (piano) - nominated
  • Tim de Solom (violin) - nominated
  • Loki Fu (violin) - nominated
  • Harry Hemmings (bass) - nominated
  • Jacob James (trombone) - nominated
  • Henry Shen (French horn) - nominated
  • Liam Sherman (oboe) - nominated
  • Callum Thornton (saxophone) - nominated

OnStage (Drama)

  • Individual performance: Jay Atkin, Ned Campbell, Will Cottle, Lachlan Hebron, Jack Robson, Callum Thornton - nominated
  • Group performance: Ned Campbell, Will Cottle, Harry Newbery, Jack Robson, Callum Thornton - selected

ARTEXPRESS (Visual Arts)

  • Charlie Grellman, ‘Bone Dry’ (Moree Plains Gallery) - selected
  • Spencer Wagner, ‘Natural Aesthetics: balance, beauty and harmony’ (The Armory, Sydney Olympic Park) - selected
  • Christian Asnicar, ‘Toolbox: Crafting the Past’
  • James Donaldson, ‘Reflection: Shifting Landscapes’
  • Charlie Grellman, ‘Bone Dry’
  • Jack Harrigan Purchase, ‘An ancient presence of crocodylus porosus’
  • Edward Humphrey: Displacement, Disruption, Despair – ‘Souls In crisis’ 
  • Andrew Lin: ‘You (don’t) know me’
  • Matthew Mew Sum, ‘Primogenial Organisms: The cornerstone of life’
  • Alex Moss, ‘Banksia in Momentis Temporis’
  • Dylan Taylor, ‘Illusory Atmosphere: The aesthetics of urban light’
  • Spencer Wagner, ‘Natural Aesthetics: balance, beauty and harmony’

Shape/InTech (Industrial Technology and Design and Technology)

  • Christian Asnicar - Study Desk
  • Duncan Ballantine - Multi-form table
  • Christopher Dellit - Servery Bench Top
  • Matthew Grattan - Dats-UP repurposed Datsun ute cab
  • Lachlan Ireland - Slow Combustion Wood Fire Heater
  • Harrison Kemp - Agricultural Fencing Trailer
  • Daniel Ledger - Long Reef SLSC Design
  • Liam Mayo - Extension Dining Table
  • Scott Morris - Child Safety hazard device
  • Alexander Moss - Expandable dining table
  • Cameron McEntyre - Entertainment Unit
  • Angus Roberts - Log Splitter
  • Henri Schmidt-Liermann - Stripped Plank Kayak
  • Liam Sherman - ConnectUS social communication platform
  • Jack Sharp - Roll Top Study Desk 
  • Jack Virgona - LifeBox living pod for humanitarian crises - nominated

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