Knox Community


Knox Community

A positive school community is enhanced when all community members are encouraged to feel ‘ownership’ towards the school through opportunities to become involved in school activities.

Making school environments family-friendly can help to overcome anxieties and signal to families that the School is a place for them as well as for their children, where support for a range of issues concerning their children can be found.

The Knox Community Relations Office is responsible for helping to build, maintain and enhance relationships between the School and its community, including through support of the Old Knox Grammarians' Association and the Knox Parents' Association.

Activities undertaken by Community Relations include:

  • The Knoxonian, published each Wednesday during term time
  • The Thistle, the School magazine is produced twice a year
  • The Headmaster's Report, is produced once at the end of each year
  • Advertising the School to prospective parents
  • Organising community luncheons and dinners and other outreach activities
  • Organising the boarder support program and other boarder liaison
  • Liaison with the Knox Parents' Association and other parent bodies
  • Development and maintenance of the Knox website
  • Organisation of major events

Community Relations Office is located at the Senior School.

Community Relations and
Events Manager
Megan Bailey
(02) 9119 0811
Print Publications Manager Janet Naylon
(02) 9487 0483
Media Communications Coordinator David Hayes
(02) 9487 0175
OKGA Alumni Office (02) 9487 0449  
Capital Campaign Athena Rogers
(02) 9119 0828